We are back and popping up in Ann Arbor this month and we are SO EXCITED!  We are partnering with Venue, an amazing restaurant/bar/co-working space to raise money for Food Gatherers, a food bank and food rescue program serving Washtenaw County. 

Tickets are $20 and all proceeds outside of paying our lovely artists will be donated to Food Gatherers to help make an impact in our community. We would love it if you would join us for a night of great music and coming together for the greater good.

Meet our Artists!


Marqu3tte is an eclectic artist from Detroit, Michigan that uses Rock, Soul, and Pop sounds to create what some call 'Neo-Rock'.

You can follow her here:

IG: @marqu3tte

Rocco Frattasio

Rocco is a singer-songwriter currently traveling around the United States. All of his music, which can be found online, is self-produced.

You can follow him here:

IG: @roccofrattasio

TIKTOK: @roccofrattasio


Kyler Wilkins is a singer-songwriter and producer from Ann Arbor, Michigan and has been performing as Ki5 with a loop station capturing original vocal arrangements and covers since 2017. Ki5 delivers familiar genres such as R&B, pop, and soul through the lens of an a cappella, beatboxing artist. 

You can follow him here:
IG: @ki5loops



Venue by 4M is located at:
1919 S. Industrial Hwy.
Ann Arbor, MI 48104

Free parking in a large lot on site!  Venue used to be Lucky's Market if you are familiar with Ann Arbor.

Venue also has ride-sharing vehicles available and has partnered with May Mobility an autonomous vehicle ride-sharing system, as a drop-off and pick-up location for its A2GO service.


Tickets can be purchased through this LINK HERE!

Can't make the show but still want to help make an impact in our community? You can make a  donation directly through the  TICKET LINK! 100% of your donation will go directly to Food Gatherers.


The vibe of our shows are cozy, casual, and intimate. There will be some seats and tables around the perimeter of the room, but we will also have some rugs and bean bags on the floor for those who want to get cozy and up close to the performance. We encourage people to bring their own blankets, pillows, or low camping chairs as well!


Venue has an amazing food and drink menu! If you want to grab dinner in the restaurant or on the patio before the show, we recommend coming around 5 before the show. Reservations can be made here!

 Drinks and light food can be purchased and enjoyed during the show as well, you  can do so directly at the bar when you arrive!  We are so gratefu for Venue for graciously agreeing to host our concert for the evening! 

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